Utilize Medical Interior Design to Optimize Profitability

Utilize Medical Interior Design to Optimize Profitability-Shalom Interior Decorating

The power of intention can take you far. Being aware and focused on what you would like to achieve is crucial to realizing the goals you have set out to accomplish. Your intention will direct you to where you want to go, but without it, you’re stumbling through the process. Intentional planning can also elevate your medical office space to a more professional and clean design. 

1. Think Differently

Thinking differently means framing situations from new perspectives. Things that were once considered the acceptable need to be reconsidered to see if they could be improved. One of the most significant problems that patients face when they visit a medical center is a long wait. There is no one who wants to be waiting in a waiting room. It’s not an enjoyable experience and adds to that the inherent anxiety that medical visits bring as well, and you’ve got the chance to create an unforgettable experience. Let’s begin with names. Don’t use the term Waiting Room, call it a Lounge. Terminology is an integral aspect of this equation and the rest of it is conforming to the change in perspective.

2. Maximize the Space You Have

An effective interior design is about planning. It is not possible to leave success on chance. Ensure that it must be designed and planned in the way your space should be. Each square inch has to bring in revenue.

Planning for growth isn’t something to be considered in the near future, but growing can be thought of in the present. By thinking long-term, you expand your perspective beyond the short term and it puts your company in the best position to expand with the least disruption feasible. Consider how rooms such as social spaces such as break rooms or conference rooms can be easily converted to more specific spaces in the near future. What if doctors’ offices also double as exam rooms as well. Consider multi-purpose spaces as a way to designate areas for specific purposes in the near future.


Making the most out of your property requires the ability to adapt. Look into storage solutions that are mobile and modular to be moved anywhere and expanded when needed. Hallways don’t have to be just to function as spaces for transition They could also be a place to work. You can create mini-offices along the corridors. Consider areas that do not need to be located inside the rooms and could benefit from being placed in an open space outside.

The pockets at the end of hallways could be transformed into useful and enjoyable spaces, according to the requirements of the particular situation. If they are left open to the area, the trash bins can be tucked away in a counter with a built-in counter, which means more space can be used for more important items like seating or mobile workstations.

3. Formula for Success and Growth

Which is Shalom Interior Decorating Designs’ formula to achieve success? We utilize the Profit Generating Formula that allocates 60-70 percent of the space to revenue-generating areas and the remaining to support areas. Space allocation is an instrument to audit the entire length of the space and make sure it’s used to the maximum of its ability to earn profits. Utilizing this formula together using Architectural programming we look at the number of anticipated users and the equipment, we can create an appropriate and suitable layout for everyone. In laying out a zoning scheme, the result is a visual representation of the spaces that are the basis of the planning process to plan your interior design. It reveals the way each room functions as well as the interrelationships between them and how proximity between the areas can improve the efficiency of the work.

The secret to success rests heavily on ensuring that the patients’ experience is up to par. Making a positive first impression and maintaining a warm and comfortable environment ensures that your clinic is first in the minds of patients seeking and the recommendation of a doctor.

We wish you great success in making medical facilities more efficient and taking advantage of the opportunities it presents. Contact us at info@shalomspace.com or send us an inquiry here. Let’s begin. Enjoy your journey to the top!

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